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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Recent Nonprofit & Social Service Insurance Claims

Thrift Store Insurance - Rocking Chair

Off Your Rocker

A thrift store sold a rocking chair to a buyer (John) in June. Once at home, John sat in the chair and it broke. It caused bodily injury. John is suing the thrift store for special damages as well as pain & suffering.

chamber of commerce insurance -  electric cord
A chamber of commerce held their monthly membership meeting at a local hall. One of the attendees tripped on a frayed extension cord near a puddle of water forming from a ceiling leak. The attendee was shocked by the electric and broke his leg. He then filed a suit against the chamber to cover his medical expenses for the slip and fall.

fraternal club insurance - cherry martiniCherry Martini

Three club members attended a dance at the local masonic lodge where they each consumed several cherry martini mixed drinks. One hour after leaving the dance they were involved in an accident where one passenger sustained a traumatic head injury. He was in a coma for two months with over $350,000 in medical bills. The passenger sued the club for serving an intoxicated person.

Animal Shelter Insurance - Dog with ChildClaims Bite

A parent and child selected a new family pet at an animal shelter. While petting the animal in a room reserved for this purpose, the dog lunged for the child and bit him on the hand. The child received ten stitches. The parents of the child filed a lawsuit for pain & suffering as well as emotional trauma.

Community Center Insurance Donation to CarDonate Disaster

A donor made a large contribution to a local Youth Community Center requesting that the money be used to enhance the building’s facilities for the children that belong to the club. The board of directors instead voted to use the money to buy a new car for the Community Center Director. The donor filed suit alleging misappropriation of funds.

hospice insurance - intravenousPain Relief = Poison

A registered nurse administered a pain relieving intravenous drug to a Hospice patient. There was an allergic reaction causing the patient to break out into a painful rash. The patient’s family is upset and sued for pain & suffering.

Choir Insurance - singingPoor Performance

Parents of a child in the Community Choir sued the organization alleging negligent hiring of the choir director who went overboard when he improperly touched their child during a practice rehearsal.

Locks Keep Honest People Honest
Youth Sport Insurance - Lock
The local youth sports organization’s storage trailer was broken into by vandals. All the uniforms for the baseball, basketball and soccer teams were stolen, as well as a pitching machine and other miscellaneous sports equipment. The organization suffers a loss of $10,000 as a result of the stolen property.
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