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Monday, April 13, 2015

3 Sexual Harassment Policy Tips

Owning your own company comes with a lot of perks. You might get your name on the door, your own parking space and a little more flexibility than others, but there’s also great responsibility when it comes to employees—especially if treading the murky waters of sexual harassment.

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Business owners are legally required to investigate claims of any unwanted verbal, nonverbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, including offensive remarks about a person’s gender, inappropriate jokes or retaliation against the accuser. Sexual harassment is not always overt, so if you receive a complaint, take it seriously. The moment it’s made, the employee is protected. It’s in your best interest to investigate quickly and thoroughly.
Institute a zero-tolerance policy and provide training for employees; prevention is the best antidote for sexual harassment. However, should a situation arise, make sure to:
  • Immediately investigate and document everything.
  • Listen with care and remain impartial.
  • Separate the accuser and the accused.
Remember, even an offhand comment can quickly become an out-of-control situation. If a harassment case is proven, a small business owner could potentially be held accountable, and the cost can be substantial.

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