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Monday, December 16, 2013

Deck the Halls- Preparing for the Holidays

Do you have family and friends coming to your house for the holidays? This time of the year is an exciting one, but before you can roast chestnuts over the fire or light the menorah, make sure your home is in peak condition for guests. You wouldn’t want anyone confusing dusty shelves for fake snow.

Hung your stockings with care? It’s a good look but can also be a hazardous one. If you have a fireplace that you will be utilizing this holiday, be sure to remove the stockings when the fire is lit. It’s also a good idea to keep a screen in front of the fireplace to avoid flames and ashes from being thrown into your room or carpet.  Be sure to put the fire out before you go to bed!

Let is snow. Let is snow. Let it snow. Some of us are not lucky enough to have a white Christmas (but we’re dreaming of one). Before guests arrive, make sure the sidewalk and driveway are shoveled and salt is laid done if needed to avoid slips. No blue (and black) bruises this holiday! It’s also a good idea to add some light so guests can see where they are walking.

Gathering around the table? The kitchen is a hot spot in every home and especially around the holidays. This is a great place to start with some remodeling this holiday season. Consider painting your cabinets, purchasing new brass hardware for drawers and cabinets, a new light fixture, new blinds, or even adding a backsplash behind your countertops. Simple changes, big results.

Welcome to Our Humble Abode. First impressions are lasting impressions. Wow visitors with an entryway that will have them talking.  Consider adding picture frames in fun patterns, artwork, or a new centerpiece to your front table (if you have one).

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