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Monday, October 27, 2014

Ghosts, Goblins, and Scary Insurance Scenarios – Oh My!

bats moon blue Small From freaky masks, to black cats, to scary costumes, around the end of October things seem to spook us out a little more than usual. But things can happen year round that without insurance in place could be very scary.  Don’t be a Halloweenie. Make sure you have the right insurance coverage in place to protect you, your family, and your belongings from spooky life situations!

Scary Scenario #1
Your neighbors are taking a walk through your neighborhood before the trick or treaters hit the streets. Your dog, which happens to be having a ‘ruff’ day, sprints out the door and ends up biting one of them. Are you liable?
Answer:  As the insured, you would be liable for failing to secure the dog. Liability and potentially Medical Payments coverage could also be triggered. You would need to have the dog liability endorsement, and the dog would need to be other than an excluded breed.

Scary Scenario #2
All the great candy you are serving at your house makes the tick-or-treaters start pushing each other first dibs. A kid dressed like a witch falls and breaks her wrist. Are you liable?
Answer: Assuming there were no obstacles (decorations, pumpkins, altered lighting such as black lights etc.)  contributing to the fall, there would appear to be no liability on the insured.  Since Medical Payments is not conditioned on liability, Medical Payments coverage would likely apply as the injury occurred at the insured premise.

Scary Scenario #3
Some older kids from the neighborhood decide to play the role of trickster. They end up spray-painting your garage door in the shape of a giant pumpkin. Are you covered?
Answer: This is considered vandalism and could be subject to AOP deductible.
Make Halloween safer! Make sure the kids have adult supervision, only visit the lit houses, look both ways before crossing the street, use a flashlight if needed, and stay on sidewalks.

Hoping you have a Halloween filled with sugary treats and goblins of fun!

Disclaimer: Keep in mind : The above scenarios are examples; each real loss posses unique characteristics requiring a full investigation and specific application of a particular policy’s terms.

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